Thursday, June 24, 2010


Can I share a little something about me (because I know we all love to learn more about me)? Something I didn't totally understand myself until fairly recently.

I have a real problem with crowds and chaos.

This doesn't seem to fit with my personality, since I'm a total extrovert, I love to be busy, and I figure, the more the merrier. But I guess we all have our limits.

And apparently, my limit is a swim meet.

Several weeks ago, Jake joined the local swim team. He's now a Wahoo. Kind of a goofy name, if you ask me, but since nobody did... He loves being a Wahoo. And I mean, really loves it. I love Jake being a Wahoo, as well. Because he is working hard - willingly!

Last night was Jake's first meet. When the boys and I walked into the pool - when I saw the crowd of people and not one square foot of space to park my family - I got a little panicky. Or maybe a lot panicky. My panic only increased as I had to figure out where to put us. What events Jake would be swimming (25 Freestyle and 25 Backstroke). Where he was supposed to be, and when. I better stop. I'm starting to get all worked up again, and we've got six more of these things before August.

Suffice it to say, it was very crowded. And very crazy. Oh, and did I mention it's Virginia in June? Yeah, it was 100 degrees. And no, that's not a dry heat. It's a very wet, sticky, humid heat. (Call me crazy, but I actually like Virginia summers. But nobody else does. And usually when I'm at the pool I can get in - not last night.)

But guess what! Despite the fact that by the time Jake finished warming up (still not sure why that was necessary) I was ready to go home, dish out a big bowl of ice cream, and watch So You Think You Can Dance, the swim meet was a blast!

Good people. Cute kids. A general feeling of summertime excitement. And best of all...

My Wahoo won his first race ever!

It's amazing what one's Mama-Pride can do for one's agoraphobic issues.


Susan said...

sounds a bit like a feis - scary to keep track of your flock and make sure the "star" is where he/she needs to be at the right time. at least his costume is a lot simpler than Amy's!

Laura Oler said...

Congratulations, Jake! Your cute boys are looking so grown up these days. I love your comments about Virginia because even though we're far away, we're still in Virginia, experiencing similar weather, etc. I'm not sure I share your love of the muggy weather, but I do like it here!

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