Monday, June 28, 2010

Change of Plans

Friday afternoon, as I sent the men of the family off on an overnight camping trip, I had a vision of how my weekend was going to go. I envisioned a quiet night, complete with chick-flick spent with the dogs (Mayo's best buddy was spending the night), followed by a quiet morning and then a soccer game on tv (with the boys who would by then be home). And I definitely envisioned a fantastic win by the US over Ghana. Four years is a long time to wait for that rematch, and it was about time.

But, as often is the case, best laid plans... My Friday evening was spent with dogs and a movie, but I added in several phone calls and major spur-of-the-moment, weekend-plan changing decisions. My Saturday was spent, not in front of the big screen cheering on my team with my family, but in front of the Temple, taking photos of a wedding I didn't know about until Friday night. And in the car on the long drive to the reception. And to top it all off, Ghana knocked us out of the World Cup. Again.

But sometimes our original plans aren't necessarily the best ones. Sometimes a change in plans is pretty great, too. And except for the disappointing soccer loss, and the copious amounts of "glowing" I did (ladies don't sweat, you know), I'm glad I got the opportunity to change mine.

If for no other reason than the early Sunday morning drive home from Buena Vista. Perfect beauty. (And yes, this is the road I take to get from my parents' home to mine. Mine is on the other side of those mountains.)


Susan said...

You "glow" beautifully, and while this weekend was also a surprise for me, it was a wonderful one! Even though Ghana was rude.
I love you forever!

The Person Family said...

I miss those views! I need a roadtrip... :)

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