Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why We Were Tired

We spent Sunday evening with friends.  Some of whom left Monday morning for Germany.  To live there.  We had a wonderful evening, with lots of chatting and laughing for the grownups and lots of running and blasting for the younger crowd.  Followed by tearful goodbyes.  Tears that, for more than one six-year-old, lasted well into the night.  And that's why we were tired on Monday.

So we planned on getting to bed right on time on Monday.  And things were going perfectly. Right on schedule.  Until Mike showed up at our door right as we were heading up the stairs for bed.  Mike was one of Dan's seminary students.  Now he's got a wife and a cute little girl.  So he makes me feel old.  But we like him a lot, so we stayed up and visited.  And that's why we were tired on Tuesday.

Finally, on Tuesday, I got some boys into bed right on time.  But me?  Well, we got new furniture for the family room last week, and the yellow walls just had to go.  So I painted.  And painted.  It's not quite done, so you'll have to wait a while longer for the after pics.  That's why the boys felt great and I was tired on Wednesday.

But as we all well know, there's no rest for the weary.  So I dragged my tired little (okay, not so little) bum out of bed and into the kitchen on Wednesday.  I hosted the Teacher Dinner at Gatorland, the culmination of weeks of planning, days of shopping and cooking, and hours of setting up, serving, and cleaning.  It was worth it to thank our teachers.  I think.  And that's why we were tired on Thursday.

Today I had a nice long to-do list.  But by the end of the day there were no little checks on it.  That's right, other than a quick ego-boost in kindergarten (I wore pink, and apparently that makes one beautiful to five-year-old girls), I did absolutely nothing today.  It was nice.

But that to-do list will be waiting for me tomorrow.  And it's time to break the cycle.  Good night!

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Susan said...

wow. furniture looks great. can't wait to see the paint. love you so much. keep up the good work!

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