Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We ran away.

Sometimes I get tired.

This is not something I like to admit.  I like to be busy.  I like to have lots to do.  But I also am alone with two little boys.  Good boys, but BOYS nonetheless.  So, I'll admit it.  Sometimes I get tired.

Sometimes I need to run away.

So after church on Sunday I packed the boys, the dog (who is recovering from surgery since Friday), and our swimsuits into the car and we ran away.  To Bubby and Poppa's house.  That's where I've always run away to, so it just made sense.

We had a lovely time.  We ate sweets for breakfast.  We swam at all hours of the day.  We played.  We ate out.  I took a nap by the pool and went shopping all by myself.  Mostly, we vegged.  It was exactly what we needed.

It was exactly what I needed.

Now we're back.  And don't expect to hear any admissions of fatigue again.  And don't go repeating any of this!  I'll deny it!  Because I do not get tired.  And I do not run away.  Never. And then won't you look silly...


Susan said...

I'm proud of you! I run away there, too. Question - any fits while you were there? Just wondered if being in "different" circumstances might have helped. Love you guys so much!

Laurie/CJ said...

I wish I could run away somewhere like that!

Cailean said...

I don't see it as running away from something, but rather running TO people that you love.

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