Thursday, August 20, 2009

Identity Crisis

For years I have bought and worn the same cut, style, and size jeans.  Old Navy Sweetheart size 2 short. It was wonderful.  Anytime I needed new jeans (or they were on sale) I could simply walk into Old Navy, find a pair, pay and walk out.  Let's face it.  I'm not a shopper anyway, and add two little boys to my trip... well, trying on clothes is way up there on my list of things I seriously don't like to do.  So Old Navy made my life much easier.
That is, until the last time I needed new jeans.  I was in a real pickle.  I'd put off any form of shopping for so long that I was down to one pair of jeans (which I wear all the time).  And then they got a hole in the knee.  A big hole.  Not good.  I'm really not a "hole-in-the-knee" kinda girl, you know?  So, even though my jeans were not on sale, I was desperate and ran out to pick up a new pair.  Easy peasy, right?
Wrong!  I got home to discover that my new jeans were HUGE!  Seriously, huge.  Yes, they were the right shape, style, and size.  Believe me, I checked.  Repeatedly.  And believe me, I have NOT gotten any smaller.  On the contrary...  So what on earth is going on?  Were they from a bad batch?  Has Old Navy changed their sizing?  Whatever has happened, they've really messed things up for me!
Well, fast forward to just the other day.  I got to go shopping all by myself (thanks for boy-watching Bubby and Poppa!), which meant I wasn't quite as averse to trying on clothes as normal.  So, since Old Navy was having a sale on jeans (yay!), I headed on over to figure out what on earth was going on with said jeans.  The verdict: Old Navy has changed their sizing.  I'm sure they'll deny it, but believe me it's true.  Those sweetheart jeans I used to love are huge on me.  What size bum to they think I have, anyway?
My day wasn't a complete waste, however.  I did find jeans that fit.
But I'm no longer a Sweetheart.
Nope, apparently now I'm a Flirt.


rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

The same thing happened to me! I knew exactly what size to get and what cut, but now they're too big. And it's a big deal, 'cause I'm a size zero, so I can't buy jeans there anymore. And the worst part is, my favorite jeans (that are from there) have a hole in the knee, and everywhere else too (like the corners of the back pockets and the crotch) so I can't wear them in public. That whole charade knocked Old Navy off my favorite store list.

Susan said...

The truth comes out . . .

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

and i bet you're a double 00 now too!!! lol you are the best writer, i SO enjoy your view on life and the way you put things so perfectly, you are one gifted momma!! love ya nug!! :)

Belkycita said...

Just what I needed today, I did find myself in the same problem, no sweetheart for me anymore ;-(
Oh well, that is life, as long as my bra stays the same I am ok!

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