Friday, October 24, 2008

Horsey Lovin'

More proof that Camden really does belong on a farm.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Political Commentary

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A political conversation with Jake.
Tell me about John McCain: Well, you see, he's not really being nice to Barack Obama. Actually, he's not being nice to himself, I mean. By making people think, 'uh oh, we're not going to vote for him, we're gonna vote for Barack Obama."

How is he making people think that? He's making people pay more for health insurance.
Tell me about Barack Obama: Barack Obama is being mean by saying that he will make them pay more taxes. Who will make you pay more taxes? Barack Obama. I don't know why. He just wants to make people not vote for John McCain, but really he's making people not to vote for him!
Who should people vote for? Well,maybe people who are gonna vote should vote for someone, but I don't think it should be Barack Obama. Cause you see, he's doing the baddest thing - making you pay more taxes like I told you.
So who are you going to vote for? I can't vote cause I'm a kid!
Who would you vote for if you could? I think I would vote for John McCain.

Why? Well, you have to vote for someone. I would make myself rich if I was grown up, so then I wouldn't have to pay so much taxes.
What do you think about Sarah Palin? Well, she's not even answering any questions! I don't think I would vote actually, because if I vote for John McCain I will have to get Sarah Palin.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ladies' Lunch

Yesterday I got to have lunch with some girlfriends from my Young Women days! Though we attended three different wards and four different high schools, we remained great friends all through the years. It's been ten years since we were all together, and boy was it fun catching up - and reminiscing about all those crazy times we had back then. It was great to see you ladies! Let's not let it be another ten years!

(left to right: Sokphal, Susie, Socheata, Rachel, me)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tough Guy

Camden's a tough kid. And he proved it to me yet again yesterday at the doctor's office. We had gone in for flu shots. Naturally, I had to go first to show the boys how easy and pain-free it is. Now I'll tell you, I'm not afraid of needles. Years of weekly allergy shots and way too many blood tests to count have cured me of that fear forever. But that allergy shot - it hurts! Don't worry, though, I was a good, brave little mommy. I didn't even flinch - even though I wanted to - because I had two little people watching. It's the same concept as when I am able to kill huge spiders and even bees with a smile on my face. Only when they are watching. No boys around and I'm screaming loud about those yucky things! Okay, so now that I'm completely off-topic, let's see if I can find my way back there. So, I got my shot. Next was Jake's turn. Nobody touched him. He started screaming. Then he ran away. I had to pull him out from under the doctor's desk. And remember, this is a big - and very strong - boy! So, amidst the screaming and crying, the nurse gave him the shot, I whipped out the piece of candy I had brought as a bribe, and then I had to work on detaching his strangle-hold so I could pick up his brother. I figured that, although Camden is usually a little braver about shots, I'd still need to hold him on my lap. Well, when I finally freed myself from the big one, I turned around to see Camden climb up into the chair, pull up his sleeve, watch the shot go in, pull down his sleeve, and hop off the chair. Oh, and he did say "ouch" when the shot went in. Tough guy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Even Better

Remember Jake's tee-ball picture from last Spring? You know, the one where the photographer made him choke up on the bat and that made him grumpy? Well this fall's soccer picture is even better.

School pictures are on the 30th. Think he can learn to smile by then?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tonight at the Dinner Table..

Camden wanted syrup on his french toast. "I want syrup!" he screamed as he slapped his hand onto his already syrup-soaked plate. "Aahh! Sticky!" And he ran crying to the bathroom to wash his hands. Or should I say to "scrub in," since Camden can rival any surgeon in handwashing thoroughness. Upon his return to the table, Camden yelled, "I told you I wanted syrup and you didn't do it!" my reply: "First of all, I already gave you syrup. And second, you did not tell me that before you started screaming." To which Camden answered, "Yes I did! I said, "euhh!"
Oh, silly me. Somehow I missed that.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Camden started preschool today! He was so confident and ready to go that he almost forgot to say goodbye to Mommy... But don't worry, I made sure that didn't happen! Hey, he may have been confident and ready to go, but I'm not quite there yet.
He had a great time. He told me so when I picked him up at lunchtime. He didn't, however, tell me what he did. "I forget," was his answer to that question. I think I'm going to be getting that answer for many years to come. Better get used to it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

10 Years

This weekend we went to my 1o Year High School Reunion. Really, I cannot believe I am that old! And you know the craziest part? This year's high school freshmen were BORN the year I was a freshman!
No, actually it was really great. And it didn't make me feel old. Well, the reunion didn't. The fact that I left, exhausted, at 10:00 - just as the party was really getting started - well, that made me feel a little old.
So in honor of a really great weekend, I thought I'd share some interesting things I learned.
1. Ten years after high school, people look really good! Or maybe the ones who don't are the ones who just didn't come. Hmmm. Something to think about.
2. Watching your high school win a football game is really fun! That's an experience I never had while actually in high school. We were that bad. But we still had fun, and lots more spirit than they do now.
3. There was only one person that I seriously cannot remember ever seeing before in my entire life. But then he knew me... Even after coming home and looking through yearbooks I promise I don't know this man!
4. I now know what a hookah looks like. But I still don't quite understand what it is. And I especially don't understand how it works. I guess I'm still the innocent little Mormon girl. Some things never change.
5. I completely skipped the 20-something scene. Saturday night was the first time I've ever seen a bouncer in real life. Of course, I was leaving as he was starting his night, but at least now I can say I've been to a club with a bouncer out front.
6. I cannot believe I've lost touch with so many great people. And I must not let it be another ten years before I see them again!
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