Monday, October 6, 2008

10 Years

This weekend we went to my 1o Year High School Reunion. Really, I cannot believe I am that old! And you know the craziest part? This year's high school freshmen were BORN the year I was a freshman!
No, actually it was really great. And it didn't make me feel old. Well, the reunion didn't. The fact that I left, exhausted, at 10:00 - just as the party was really getting started - well, that made me feel a little old.
So in honor of a really great weekend, I thought I'd share some interesting things I learned.
1. Ten years after high school, people look really good! Or maybe the ones who don't are the ones who just didn't come. Hmmm. Something to think about.
2. Watching your high school win a football game is really fun! That's an experience I never had while actually in high school. We were that bad. But we still had fun, and lots more spirit than they do now.
3. There was only one person that I seriously cannot remember ever seeing before in my entire life. But then he knew me... Even after coming home and looking through yearbooks I promise I don't know this man!
4. I now know what a hookah looks like. But I still don't quite understand what it is. And I especially don't understand how it works. I guess I'm still the innocent little Mormon girl. Some things never change.
5. I completely skipped the 20-something scene. Saturday night was the first time I've ever seen a bouncer in real life. Of course, I was leaving as he was starting his night, but at least now I can say I've been to a club with a bouncer out front.
6. I cannot believe I've lost touch with so many great people. And I must not let it be another ten years before I see them again!


Cailean said...

You always have the cutest kids quotes on the side :) So my 10-year reunion was two years ago which makes ME old! The part with the guy there who you didn't know reminds me of the Golden Girls episode where they crashed someone's reunion. Yes, I reference Golden Girls because I'm cool like that.

Susan said...

We won't even discuss what reunion is coming up for me ...

I really felt it when you and Matt Campet were teaching school at Shrevewood. That was just ODD. and a long time ago, too!

Kiss those men for me! (the ones in your house, not the ones you don't even remember)

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