Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Political Commentary

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A political conversation with Jake.
Tell me about John McCain: Well, you see, he's not really being nice to Barack Obama. Actually, he's not being nice to himself, I mean. By making people think, 'uh oh, we're not going to vote for him, we're gonna vote for Barack Obama."

How is he making people think that? He's making people pay more for health insurance.
Tell me about Barack Obama: Barack Obama is being mean by saying that he will make them pay more taxes. Who will make you pay more taxes? Barack Obama. I don't know why. He just wants to make people not vote for John McCain, but really he's making people not to vote for him!
Who should people vote for? Well,maybe people who are gonna vote should vote for someone, but I don't think it should be Barack Obama. Cause you see, he's doing the baddest thing - making you pay more taxes like I told you.
So who are you going to vote for? I can't vote cause I'm a kid!
Who would you vote for if you could? I think I would vote for John McCain.

Why? Well, you have to vote for someone. I would make myself rich if I was grown up, so then I wouldn't have to pay so much taxes.
What do you think about Sarah Palin? Well, she's not even answering any questions! I don't think I would vote actually, because if I vote for John McCain I will have to get Sarah Palin.


Lindsey said...

your boys are hilarious! I love your blog.

Cailean said...

Oh my goodness what a smartie! The fact that he even knows any of those names much less about taxes, etc.! I am so impressed. And he basically sums up my dilemma too with voting. Go Jake in '32!

Ketchesons said...

I think you should submit that to CNN and have them show it to the candidates before a debate. Then maybe we'll get some answers!

Jesse Edwards said...

wow! how informed he is!!!

Laura Oler said...

He is so astute! I don't think my girls could even name a presidential candidate. In fact the doctor asked Alicia what was in mommy's tummy the other day, and Alicia gave her a blank stare, and yes, we have had conversations about having a baby. My kids are just in their own little world...

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