Friday, December 19, 2008

The Morning After

This is the scene that greeted me when I came into the kitchen this morning. I was baking last night. Can you tell?

I've been really busy. I mean, really busy. This past week we have been going non-stop, and on top of that I totally overextended myself. I agreed to help out/cook and bake/etc. for way too many things. It's been a lot of fun! And I promise I'm not being all sarcastic when I say that. It really has been fun. I'm exhausted, but happy. And if I can convince myself to clean my house and make 4 dozen cookies for tomorrow, I can go to sleep - and really enjoy it!

P.S. Dan cleaned it all up while I was helping in Jake's class today. I fell in love all over again!

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Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Jen! I'm so glad you posted on my blog! Oh my gosh, what a cute family you have! I LOVE that picture of your family, I think it turned out great! How funny that we ended up having kids about the same time, my oldest will be six on Monday! Where are you living? Do you still have family here in VA? My email address is erikajohnson8(at)yahoo(dot)com. Send me an email when you get a chance!

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