Monday, December 15, 2008

Teacher Gifts

Oh my. My children go to school. I'm still not sure how they got that old. But that's really not the point. The point is, that my children have teachers, and therefore it's time to think about teacher gifts. Okay, so maybe the time to think about those teacher gifts was a month ago. But I like to do things my own way. And by that I mean I totally procrastinated, again.
Luckily, last week we went with the Young Women to a local nursing home - and had a great time singing and chatting and laughing with the people there. I could go on and on about the evening. So, as we were leaving, the residents gave us all a gift they had made. So sweet! There we were, trying to do something nice for them, and they just showed us up with a sweet treat! The treat was a train made of candy. So cute, so fun, and so easy... I immediately had visions of little boys making their own teacher gifts!
So tonight the boys and I dedicated our FHE activity to candy train making. I got to use my hot glue gun. The boys got to build AND taste lots of candy. I promise the tasted candy all ended up in their tummies and their teachers will be getting the wrapped stuff. Everyone was happy (well, except that we missed Dan, who is out of town this week).
And now I feel prepared. We have teacher gifts. They may not be much, but they were fun - and definitely made with love.

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Cailean said...

Yeah can you believe the teacher gift thing? So fun to do but kind of stressful too because of the PRESSURE to come up with something great. The train idea is AWESOME! :)

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