Thursday, October 18, 2007

"My Mommy Is Amazing"

Okay, so this story isn't so flattering to myself, but it was so funny I just have to share. Tonight, Jake was on the phone with Dan while I was getting dinner on the table - or at least trying to get dinner on the table. Here's the problem: I could not get the chicken from the baking dish onto the plates. I literally threw every piece of chicken I touched onto the floor, much to the dogs' delight, but much to Jake's dismay. And it went something like this (actually, it went exactly like this):

Jake (on phone): "Mommy keeps dropping the chicken on the floor!"
Jake (still on phone): "It's not funny!"

Jen (laughing hysterically): "Yes, it is!"

Jake: "Oh no, Mommy thinks it's funny, too!"

So poor sweet Jake was pretty upset by the fact that both of his parents were taking such a devastating waste of good food so lightly. And then it happened. I successfully transferred a piece of chicken from the dish to a plate!

Jake (on phone): "She did it! She didn't drop the chicken! My mommy is amazing!"

Wow. And there you have it. Proof that I really am an amazing mother...

1 comment:

Susan said...

The amazing mommy left out the part where the small min pin named Boomer apparently ate an entire half of the baked chicken breast. I know, because he regurgitated it, completely intact, on my bed later . . .

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