Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BV Boys

The boys and I are so very excited and happy to be going up to Northern Virginia this weekend. Dan is finally coming out to the East Coast to join us! And he may even have a job soon, too... But a part of all our hearts will be left here in good ol' Buena Vista, home of the "Buenaversity" (thanks Tommy), aka Southern Virginia University, and of course Bob and Della's house. When we came down here a few months ago I had no idea how many old friends we'd find still hanging out in the Virginia hills. And now all those fun people I went to school with are all grown up with little ones of their own! What great times we've had! Jake and Jackson (my old roomie Joyelle's little man) were best friends as soon as they met, and even got to go to preschool together! I just love seeing the two Jacksons running around together. And it's been kinda nice to be the "Nugget" again, too! We'll miss you BV!

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