Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dreams Can Come True!

After 6 months of desperately trying to find a new job for when Dan got out of NOAA (he's with us now!!!); after 6 months of stress about where we would be living and how we would support our family; it all has come together in the last few days!!! Two weeks ago, Dan sent a resume to SAIC and they called him five minutes later. The next day he interviewed for the job, and exactly one week later he accepted a great offer. The day after he got the offer was his resignation date from NOAA, he hopped on a plane, and was with us in Virginia. We have had the most wonderful week being together as a family again.

The job, which Dan starts tomorrow, is for SAIC, and he'll be at an office in Stafford, VA (more specifically, Garrisonville). And here's the best part: we found our dream home just a few miles from the office! We go to settlement in axactly one month. Now, for all of you who don't know this part of the country, Stafford is where people go to buy big houses that they could never afford in the DC area. But they work in the DC area, so everybody commutes up. With no traffic, it's a good 45 minute drive from Garrisonville to Falls Church, and if you need to actually get into the District, we're talking longer. Throw in a TON of commuter traffic, and it becomes a two hour commute -- each way! We are so blessed to get to live there AND work there. We can afford a house and we don't have to exchange it for family time -- Dan can still bike to work! And no more months away at sea!!!

We feel so blessed. Our Heavenly Father loves and takes care of His children. We know this because He has shown us in so many ways. So many times in our marriage -- and before (ask sometime about the road to our marriage and I can give you a list...) -- we have come to a crossroads and had no idea what to do or how to make things work. But every time the Lord has guided our lives so that the right things happen at exactly the right times. So while we stress for 6 months about what we will do, the Lord already knows what we need, and He pulls it all together for us in the last few days. We are constantly reminded of His great love for us and our family -- and you and yours!

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Lori said...

Hi Jen,
what a wonderful blog. I'm so excited that you get to be in Northern close and so close to Dan's work. WONDERFUL!
Love ya, Lori Smith

ps Your mom sent me an email to say you had a blog with cute pictures! She was right.

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