Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Snow Days!

Finally!  It snowed!  A real, honest-to-goodness eight inches of fluffy white stuff for boys to play in.  (Just so you know, I just spent a good five minutes trying to reword that sentence so as not to end with a preposition.  Not going to happen.  "In which to play" just sounds way to uppity for little ol' me.  Remember Jen, this is not your history thesis.  Been there, done that.  Moving on...)

Someone once told me that brothers wrestle because it gives them a chance to hug.  Yeah, that's it.

There is nothing better than a good snowstorm to get you outside and having fun.  Unless you count a nice warm spring day.  Or a cool pool on a hot summer day.  Or crisp leaves to jump in on a cool fall day.  But I digress. In the winter, there is nothing better than SNOW!  So bring it on!  Lots of it!

And although we had I think it was 27 (that's right - I heard it on the news) separate days with snowfall, only one other time did we even get enough to stick.  That was the time my children collected snow from all the neighbors' yards to pack enough on the hill for sledding.  The next day they sledded in the mud.

But yesterday it snowed all day long.  Actually, it snowed for almost thirty hours.  That's right folks!  It was perfect.  Lots of snow, lots of fun.  

Note the sock-gloves.  He can't get those off so easy.

Today, it's in the forties and we're melting fast.  By this afternoon, there may be more mud-sledding going on.  But while this late-season snow is here, we are soaking it all up.  Quite literally.  My dryer may not make it.

It's so, so worth it.  Because boys need snow.  And moms need snow days to spend with their boys.

Off to enjoy the last snowballs of the season!  Hopefully.  :)

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