Monday, June 18, 2012

Men and Mangroves

My boy took me kayaking.
It is amazing to me to see this young man growing up.
He's still so much my baby - my sweet little boy.
But he's mature and capable now, too.
So when I say "my boy took me kayaking," I really mean it.
He's really good - much better at this ocean thing than his mama.
I get so nervous on the water, but this little boy - my baby - is so confident.
He took really good care of his mama.

He took me through the mangroves.
Have you ever been in a mangrove forest?

Really, amazing.

And then he took me home.
Thanks for growing up so nice, little boy.

And guess what?
We kayaked all the way from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico.
Pretty impressive, I know!

1 comment:

Belkycita said...

Hey! Elena can Kayak too, we should get them together ;-)

and..... we have mangroves too :-)

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