Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Cookie Monster Sundae

Bubby and Poppa sent Camden money for a birthday treat.
He chose the Cookie Monster Sundae.
Four huge scoops of ice cream.
Hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, chocolate chips.
And a half-pound cookie.
With a cherry on top.

Thankfully, he decided to share with his brother.

Apparently, it was really good.

The youngest brother wondered why nobody was sharing with him.
Or maybe he was a little worried about his brothers.

And maybe he had good reason.
That was a lot of ice cream.
And it did in the biggest brother pretty quick.

The birthday boy held on longer.
But he did get pretty stuffed.
Thank goodness he's got a good daddy who finished up for him.

On the walk home, there were belly aches all around.
According to these boys, it was totally worth it.

And they've decided to take a bit of a break from treats for a while.
So it really was totally worth it.

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