Monday, April 23, 2012

On Mallory

We enjoy spending evenings at Mallory Square, where we watch a beautiful sunset and thoroughly enjoy the street performers that come out to play!

There are always guys on really tall unicycles.  Most of them juggle.

This statue scared some boys I know when he started moving...

There are the dangerous shows that just plain make me uncomfortable.  I'm supposed to be pretty impressed, but honestly, these aren't my favorite acts.

This cute "little" juggler is way more my speed.

As is the crazy cat-man.  He is wonderful.  And deserves his own post.  So... moving on.

What would one of the greatest gatherings of street performers in the world be without a toothless Vietnam vet swallowing swords?  

But here's the thing.  We enjoy them all.  But to be perfectly honest, we have a favorite act.  They're called The Red Trouser Show.  For obvious reasons.  And we love them.

Not because stuff like this is just their warm-up.  Though that's pretty cool, huh?

Or because they are fun and hilarious.  Cool, too, though!

Not because they can juggle fire while standing on each others' shoulders...

and throw that fire across the square.  And catch it.  And keep juggling.  Cool too, but not why we love them.

Oh, and it's not because they juggle knives while standing on one foot on top of each others' heads.

Or because they can do awesome stuff like this.  That's awesome, right?!

It's not even because they can hold themselves sideways on a ladder.  Did I mention the ladder is held up by four audience members?

So like I said, yes, these Red Trouser guys are our favorite act.  And they do amazing things.  And make me happy.  But our love goes way beyond any of that...

Tune in tomorrow to find out why we're red trouser fans!

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