Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's All in the Timing

On Christmas day, as we left Granny and Poppy's Christmas feast (on our way to Bubby and Poppa's Christmas feast), our sweet little minivan had a bit of trouble. I thought nothing of it, as I'd noticed this same shaking and bouncing several times before. But when Dan discovered the bouncing and shaking he was concerned. And when he discovered that this bouncing and shaking had been going on for some time - and while his wife and children were driving all over town... - well, he was more concerned. By bedtime that night, the decision had been made. Time for a new car. (In all honesty it was probably time for a new car several years ago. Maybe when we couldn't get over the mountain to Bob and Della's house. Or when the door fell off. Or when... you get the picture.)

We found a minivan that looked good and decided to go take a look on Monday.

Monday came, and we hopped in the car. We pulled into a neighbor's driveway to turn around. And we stopped. The car was dead. Not just a little dead. Dead dead. Hmmm. Perfect timing, don't you think?

We got the car out of the driveway and onto the street. Where is remains today.

And we headed off in Poppa's car to find a new one for us. We found it. And we bought it. Now we're broke. But happy.

The end.


Laurie/CJ said...

Nice! Is it a Caravan? You're the third person I know this month who's bought one!

Susan said...

I like that you can see the old car in the background of the picture of the new car - and that the tow truck came for the old car just as Dan was leaving to take the new car back to fix the rattle in the back! And you getting a new car was the bestest present for all of us (right up there with the cow!)

Allie said...

Our minivan has been in the shaking throes of death since September. In our case it is the transmission. Our power doors are possessed and open on their own as we drive. We will shortly be selling it to carmax and figuring out how to replace it. I am envious that you already have your car. I hate big expenses. Enjoy the new ride!

Allie (Lee) Burton

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