Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow

This morning, after a very late night of cutting about a million little squares of green tissue paper (for a project the first grade was planning to do today), I woke up, got myself and the boys ready for the day, and headed out with Jake for his orthodontist appointment. Sitting in the waiting room, we saw it on the tv: "Stafford County Schools Closed."

It was not snowing.

But, we'll take it! Got through the ortho appointment (wait six months to see if he loses some more of those baby teeth...) and headed home. Again, it was not snowing. By the time we turned onto our street - a whopping two minutes later - the snow was falling heavy and the ground was covered. I was nervous about our evil driveway. We made it into the garage and were greeted by Camden and Dan.


L-O-V-I-N-G IT!!!

So far today...

We have inspected, arranged, and rearranged the Christmas gifts. A lot.

We have spent more than one hour watching the birds feast in the backyard. This fat cardinal has yet to get a bite. Doesn't fit on the feeder. But he's not giving up! The fat woodpecker torments the fat cardinal by showing off how he can cling to the bottom of the feeder - and the cardinal can't. The fat blue jay wants us all to believe he's above all that foolishness and only makes his attempts when he thinks nobody is looking. I'd like to say, "Mr. Cardinal, Mr. Jay can't do it either. He's just too prideful to let on." All the other little fatties (my favorite are the budgies and the titmice - so cute!) are doing very well for themselves. And yes, they are ALL fat - they definitely know where the suckers who will refill the feeder daily live.

We have played in the snow. We have then left the treat Ms. Gail gave us out in the snow while we enjoyed our hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows, of course). We have discovered that the treat has dissapeared under more snow. We have gone out and dug for that treat, found it, and found out why Mommy kept saying we should be wearing a coat.

We are now reading Harry Potter, eating treats, and playing with legos.

It's a perfect day. Even if I didn't get to take advantage of the opportunity to sleep in!

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