Saturday, December 11, 2010


I know sports. Really. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. I may be the last one you'll find actually playing sports, because I'm just not any good at them, but I know my stuff. I know how to play sports. I know how to throw, hit and catch a baseball; how to control a soccer ball; how to sack a quarterback, throw a football, and make a touchdown. I know the details and the rules of each game. I also know what is going on in the world of sports. Kobe, Landon, Ichiro, and Tom? Yeah, we're old pals. Tiger? Not so much. (I'm not so much into golf or infidelity.)

My sons think I'm pretty great.

Or, they used to.

Turns out, basketball's not my strong point. Sure, I can dribble a ball. I can follow a game - and thoroughly enjoy it. But when I'm watching my boy attempting to play on his first basketball team, and my other boy asks me, "What just happened, Mommy?" well, I don't have a clue.

Let's hope for a steep learning curve. For all of us.


ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

don't you just love a boy's life!! so much fun!! went to the nutcracker yesterday and thought of you. i saw it the first time with you at george mason about 10 yrs ago and then yesterday for the first time since then!! didnt dan come with us but you guys were just friends at that point, right?? too funny :) xoxox

Belkycita said...

I guess I'll never know about that. They aren't as sporty or coordinated.
Elena plays soccer and every time she kind of touches the ball, she turns to me, waves, gives thumbs up and a HUGE grin!
Meanwhile, either the game is over or some team has score at least two goals (in their own goalies)

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