Sunday, July 5, 2009

Batty in BV

We just got home from a weekend in Buena Vista.  We had lots of fun celebrating the Fourth of July and hanging out with family.  But before I go into details of the holiday, I'd like to first share with you a little story.  A true story...

The other night, after putting the boys to bed, I heard Jake call, "Mom!  I need you!"  Well, since I hear Jake call this same thing every single night, I kind of ignored him.  After the second call, I replied,"I'll be there in a minute!"  And after the third, "Go to sleep, Jake!"  Finally, after Jake's, "Mom!  You need to come here right now!" I went to see what was going on (actually, I went to tell him, face-to-face that he needed to be quiet and go to sleep).

But before I could get the reprimand out of my mouth, I saw the bat.  Circling my boys. Swooping down towards the bed.  The bed where Camden was sound asleep and Jake was calmly watching the bat go round and round.

So I left the boys with the bat.  Before you go thinking I'm a horrible mother who leaves her children to the mercy of a bat (for too long) let me tell you where I went.  I went to get my dad. But my dad didn't wake up, so my mom came instead.  We got the boys and the dog (who never noticed the bat) out of the room and closed the door.  Good solution.

So the next night, since we never did find and remove the bat, the boys and I moved upstairs to another bedroom.  After putting the boys to bed, I walked out of the room and who should I meet in the hall?  You guessed it.  A bat.  A different bat.  I caught it under a trash can and waited for my mom and dad to come take care of the problem.  I know, I'm really brave.

And that's the story of our weekend in BV.

The End.


Susan said...

I will verify the truth of the matter, since I was the one who scooped up the second bat (pictured) with leather gloves thoughtfully provided by Della and released it back outside. Still no signs of the first bat. And now the house is all quiet and boring since my boys went home!

Belkycita said...

Oh dear!!! They stink! We had a couple of visitors in our home when I was little and this lady would come and catch them and put them in a jar and then stick them in the freezer!
I don't know what happens after that.

Susan said...

I promise I didn't put them in the freezer. And they didn't stink. They were still alive so I let the one I caught go. The other one is still sleeping somewhere in the bedroom. I guess there's always a lady who will collect the bats for those who can't.

Cailean said...

Oh cute!!! I just love cute bats. They are amazing creatures. I bet that was pretty scary though. I would have completely lost it and run screaming from the house. Good job for keeping your composure.

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