Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Day of Rest - We've Earned It

It's been kinda crazy around here.

Tuesday was the most anticipated day of the year (at least for this mommy)... The LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Woohoo!  I think I was more excited than the kids!  We had a neighborhood ice cream party when the kids got off the bus.  Everyone had a fun time, but some of us got messier than others.
Wednesday was another very special - and long-anticipated - day...  Camden's fifth birthday!  We celebrated by going to Build-A- Bear with Bubby and Poppa in the morning and then having cupcakes and ice cream with Granny and Poppy at 10:00 at night.  
Why did we wait to have cupcakes and ice cream until three hours after the five-year-old's bedtime, you ask?  Well, it's simple, really.  See, the mom of said five-year-old was MIA for most of the day.  I was at this beautiful place...
... taking pictures of this beautiful couple.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day, Jessica and Ros (even if it was my boy's special day first).
Thursday, the Sidewinders played our final tee-ball game of the season!  A big shout-out goes to Bridgette, who took pictures of my kiddos for me while I was otherwise occupied.  (Real tee-ball post coming soon, I promise!)
Friday was birthday-party day!  We spent the morning decorating the backyard and baking a cake...
... and the afternoon partying with friends!  Cam had an Army theme, so we had a big water war with water grenades (they ran out really fast) and water guns.  I thought it would be every man for himself, but I was wrong.  No, it was every man against the mommy!
Saturday, after a trip to urgent care for our third bout of strep in as many weeks, and after lugging a "new-to-you" fridge over from the neighbors' house (thanks to our big-muscled friends who helped with that big job!), I left two boys with their Bob and headed off to Jessica and Ros' reception for more pictures.

And now, it's Sunday.  The Sabbath.  A day of rest.  And boy howdy, do we need it!

P.S. My mom (aka Bob) came to help this week.  She entertained boys, helped with party preparations, and did my laundry!  I've gotta say, it's good to have a BOB.  Thanks, Mom!


Belkycita said...

Wow! I got tired just reading :-(
I love the army cake!! and that picture of you getting shot is just AWESOME!!

Cailean said...

What a fun time, Jen. You live such a wonderful-sounding life. Beautiful temple! Wonderful cake! Happy Birthday to Camden! And YAY SUMMER for us school mommies!

Susan said...

I think Bob had even more fun than anyone else. I got to spend FOUR DAYS with my daughter and grandsons, not to mention the neurotic dog! I had a blast! (and got blasted by water guns) But I got the wettest filling water grenades. They're dangerous! But all the hugs, kisses and smiles were worth it. And I WILL NOT GET STREP, DO YOU HEAR ME! I love you all!

Elise Jones said...

You've been busy! What an awesome Army cake. The minute he sees it, Gavin will be begging for an Army theme for his next birthday.

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