Monday, March 30, 2009


No, this isn't a post about the show.  I've never actually seen it anyway.  But it looks really weird from the commercials.  Wow.  I guess it is a post about the show after all.  I'll move on now.
Really, this is a post about getting directions.  And getting lost.  It's a post about getting directions that get you lost.  Google Maps has failed me.  Again.
On Saturday I loaded my two boys and my grandparents into the van for a trip to the art show to see Jake's paintings.  I had my directions, off of Google Maps, and though they looked a little complex, I trusted.  We were off.  We headed on down the road.  We drove for a long time. We followed those directions to the letter.  And we got there!  Only, "there" wasn't actually our intended destination.  "There" was a nice house in a friendly neighborhood in south Stafford. Thanks, Google Maps.
Luckily, the nice house was home to an even nicer lady who knew where Stafford High School was.  Let's just say that not only was it not at her house (or really anywhere near her house), we got to go half-way back home to get there.  Again, thanks Google Maps.  I appreciate it. 
At least this time you got me to someone who could help.  That's better than last time. Yeah, last time was really fun.
That was the time I planned a fun outing for our playgroup.  We were all supposed to meet at a pumpkin farm to pick - you guessed it - pumpkins!  The farm's website led me to Google Maps. Gotta trust directions you get straight from the farm, right? Let's just say not many playgroup buddies actually made it that day.  We all did a lot of driving. Driving that took us several counties away.  In the wrong direction.  And this time, Google Maps didn't send us to nice helpful people.  No, Google Maps left us in the middle of a highway in Caroline County.  Yeah, that was fun.
So I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't use Google Maps anymore.  Problem is, I'm running out of options.  I switched to Google after being stranded by Mapquest.  (That's a whole other story. Maybe I'll share it sometime.  It involves bad directions, little sisters, and my first successful glare.  I can tell you're excited.)  Oh, and I can't read a map to save my life.

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Ketchesons said...

Did you say you live in DC? as in how close?
Dave has a conference there every year and we might tag along this year, would you be close enough to have a play date ?

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