Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Took A Trip

On Monday, we headed down to Jacksonville, NC to see Dan off for Iraq.  Half-way there, we got a call telling us not to go. The next call was to cancel the first. We went, Dan went in to the office, and learned that he shouldn't have gone.  Now we're home and waiting for the call to tell us when he will be leaving.  A wasted trip. But at least we got to bring him home!

Some highlights/thoughts from our trip down south:

Jake: “That's terrible!” He was very worried about the “bridge” that didn't make it all the way across the ocean. It was a dock.

Our neighbor at Cracker Barrel who loved Camden's face when his mac-n-cheese came out. He was concerned because he thought we had mixed it with apple sauce. We hadn't. And after it had been sent back to the freezer for a few minutes, he ate every bite.

Ospreys are incredibly cool pieces of equipment.

Jacksonville, NC is one ugly town. Onslow beach is pretty, though.

We missed Virginia's first real snowfall. I can't decide how I feel about that.

Camden thinks a model is “someone that you know that is a statue.” Huh?

Camden giving Jake words to sound out. As in, “t-h-o-j-s-t. What does that spell?”  And Jake trying to figure them out.

Leaving Jacksonville's sunny, 70 degree weather to come home to Virginia's icy 32 degree weather.  That wasn't a highlight.

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Cailean said...

Oh wow what a rollercoaster of emotion! I hope you get to keep him for longer before he has to leave! Your kids are so fun/funny. :)

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