Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Missed This

In our years away from ol' Virginie, I missed the fall. True, Massachusetts puts on a pretty good show, but Seattle...? Not so much.
Good ol' VA. I'll put up with the 200% humidity all summer and the freezing cold winter. I'll even deal with the fact that we get only one week of spring in between the two. It's all worth it for the beautiful fall.
So this is where I live. Pretty, huh?


Susanne said...

Some day I wanna bring Nate back east in the fall. It is so beautiful that you really have to see it in person!

Cailean said...

Are you serious that isn't like a postcard or something?!!? Lucky!! Yeah here in Seattle you might get one tree here or there that looks so pretty but not THAT. Soooooo pretty. I think I told you my brother served in Virginia and I remember pictures like that.

Susan said...

You take fantastic pictures! That could easily be blown up and framed. Think about it. It's been gawgeos (Camden speak) here, but the leaves have mostly fallen off this week. Sad.

Thanks for the lovely picture!

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