Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bugs v. the Monkeys

Last night we went to the Stafford Family Film and Fun Festival. We took a picnic dinner, enjoyed the moon bounce, and made some crafts. And then we settled down on our blanket to watch the movie - The Wizard of Oz. First, though, was a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Jake was terrified. Hmmm. Dan and I started wondering how the real show was going to go over, what with the flying monkeys and all. Luckily (at least for Jake), a severe thunderstorm rolled into Stafford right as a tornado rolled onto the screen. Really, it was the most amazingly perfect timing. The movie cut off and everybody raced for their cars. So, we got to drive on winding, tree-covered country roads through a torrential downpour and lots of really impressive lightning. But at least Jake didn't have to see those monkeys. Bugs was enough for one night.

1 comment:

Susan said...

The Wicked Tomato! The Wicked Tomato! (one of my favorite quotes from Jen after she saw the Wizard - or, as Amy called it, The Whizzer-va-doz.)

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