Saturday, February 9, 2008


He informs me he's not a fish. He needs to breath sometimes, so he's a dolphin. Sounds like good logic to me.
So the big breakthrough came today... Jake can swim! Under water! I'm so proud (or maybe I should say I am "well-pleased") I could burst! I am constantly amazed by two things: 1) Just how fast these boys I hang out with are growing up; and 2) How much joy it brings me to see it happening! So hooray for Jake! My little dolphin.
Oh, and no, we were not at Lake Fairystone today. It's been nice here, but not that nice! We were at an indoor pool. This picture was taken last August, but since I didn't have my camera with me today (What was I thinking? I didn't take the camera the day Jake actually learned to swim?!) this'll have to do.


The Hopkins Family said...

Definately a proud parent moment. I freaked out when Kylee learned to swim under water last summer....they grow so fast!

Cailean said...

Congrats to Jake! What a big accomplishment and especially something to build his self-confidence with the water. Did he ever take lessons at Meadowbrook or was that just Camden? Elizabeth's been taking "lessons" once a month with her class and that has been good since I couldn't exactly be in the pool with her & two other kids for "mommy and me" swimming lessons when she was younger!

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