Wednesday, February 13, 2008

8 Years

Well, the day before Valentine's Day is really my favorite... It was eight years ago today that Dan and I became "official." We had been out on a couple dates (some of which we decided had been dates after the fact) while I was home from SVC for Christmas, but then I went back to school in January. That's when I told a friend, " Dan is the kind of guy I'm going to marry. But I'm not ready for that yet." Famous last words! Then, just a month later, after a terrible day (for me), Dan sent me roses! And when I called to thank him he asked if he could come down to visit! We spent the day together (I got more flowers) and right before he left to go home -- we were sitting at the piano in Main Hall for those who know the spot -- he stuttered and stammered and finally said, "I think...I'd be call you my girlfriend." How could a girl resist?! And I still can't. What a wonderful husband I have!

A Quick Time-Line of Our Life Together
summer 1998 - Dan returned from his mission; he came to my house to help move a piano; my mom talked about how hard it must be for tall guys to pee in the toilet (I totally blocked that memory out until Dan reminded me of it recently -- maybe for the embarrassment factor).
summer 1999 - Started hanging out.
Thanksgiving 1999 - First date (labeled that after the fact) was cheap Chinese food and it's still our favorite date to go on; saw the Nutcracker with friends.
Christmas 1999 - We were Mary and Joseph in the live nativity at the Temple; went out a few times; got totally lost in DC and loved it!
January 2000 - Back to school.
February 13, 2000 - Dan comes to visit; it's "official!"
August 26, 2000 - After making it through the Orr family vacation, Dan proposed at the Jefferson Monument. (that's where we went the night we got lost, too). What a wonderful day!
December 30, 2000 -- Despite blizzard warning (and thanks to a lot of prayer) we made it to the Temple and were sealed for eternity. The Happiest Day.
December 1, 2002 -- Welcome Jake! We love you!
June 17, 2004 - Welcome Camden! We love you!
February 13, 2008 - Still in love after all these years :)


Laurie said...

aw, i love the timeline for slacker friends like me who totally missed out on ten years of jen!! you two are adorable.

Cailean said...

I just love Mom comments that you can laugh about later! Haha! Wow that is such a cute picture of you guys! Is that before you came to Seattle? So we were I guess "official" around this time too, but actually on Valentine's Day. We'd be dating since Nathan got home from his mission in 2000 but it was only 3 months later, on Valentine's Day, that we said "I love you" and talked about what we had been hinting around...marriage. We seemed so young then, looking back. I guess having 3 kids since then does age you a little :)

The Bennett Family said...

I love the picture, because I remember being there when it was taken! I also remember that you became official and then the next day you took another boy to the valentines day dance! I love you!

Susan said...

Somehow I don't remember that comment either - are you sure I didn't say it to Marshall?

Anyway, you are my favorite family ever, and I love you all SO MUCH!


Susan said...
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The Hopkins Family said...

how fun! Time sure does fly! I remember reading all your emails about Dan....And your wedding was so fun...even if it was crazy weather!

Ketchesons said...

I love the picture. Good old times, just thinking about them makes me feel butterflies in my tummy!
I miss your smile, happy 8 years!

The Person Family said...

Congratulations! Our 8th is coming up this May- time goes by so quickly!

Jesse Edwards said...

I can not believe it has been that long since you all started dating! I remember when that all happened and it doesn't seem that long ago!

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