Monday, February 18, 2008

I Can't Sleep

Well, if we're being totally honest, I should say "I couldn't sleep...a couple hours ago when I was trying..." Now, I' getting really sleepy, but of course while I was not at all sleepy I got it into y head to do a little project. And now I' in the iddle of that project and I have to finish it before I go to bed. Nobody's aking e finish y project. And if I hadn't just written about it nobody would ever even need to know about y project. Oops. Oh well, I' going to finish it anyway, because I want to. And tomorrow, when I a absolutely miserable and cranky, we'll all know who to blame.

So, as far as the project goes, as I' sitting here finishing it up I' realizing it really isn't that great. I ean, it could be so uch better. But I like it. It sus up what I was thinking about while I wasn't sleeping earlier when I wasn't tired. Not like right now, when I a tired. But I'll ove on.

This evening, as I listened to race car noises coing fro the boys' roo, I wasn't even tepted to tell the to go to sleep. How can you stop brothers fro building those bonds that (hopefully) will carry the through life as best friends? y highest wish for those boys is that they will be close; not just close, but the very best of friends. And if that eans they get to stay up over an hour and a half past bedtie with silkies on their heads pretending their beds are race cars (the silkies were helets, in case you were wondering), then I guess I' okay with that.

So here are so

All for one and one for all
y brother and y friend
What fun we have
The tie we share
Brothers 'til the end


Susan said...

It was worth it! I love you! Bob

Greg, Karin, Kylee, Sarah and soon Emma too! said...

Too cute! I'm sure they will be good friends!

Cailean said...

You take such gorgeous photos of your boys! Yes, I also love those times when I should tell them it's time to do this or that, but they are playing sooooo nicely together I just don't have the heart to interrupt. Your boys obviously are great friends that know they are together forever!

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