Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Big Christmas Photo Dump

It's a new year!  I LOVE a new year!  May this be the year that I get organized, learn to manage my time, make yummy dinners every single night, and get back to my blog.  Yes?

Right now, with my baby boy sleeping, would be the perfect time to clean out the craft closet.  Or take a good hard look at that as-yet blank calendar.  Or make a menu...

I think I'll start with the blog.

Here's a photo dump - and when I say dump, I really mean dump - of our Christmas holiday.  No order.  But what's the fun in order?  We'll get to that tomorrow.  Maybe.

If that isn't the perfect Christmas morning face, I don't know what is.

Those, too.

Nico totally bonded with his Della.
We left him with Bob and Della for one afternoon and now he hits, head-butts, and growls...

The Christmas Eve reading of the classic, "Wonder Walnut."
Best story those boys have ever heard.
The girls, not so much.

I was a bad mommy and gave my boys an extra week off school before Christmas.
Sometimes you need more time for cuddling on the couch with your brothers.

And the scientific process of creating a grasshopper pie.
Long story.  Remind me to share sometime.

And kissing your Dada.

Poppa's aunt's little rocker.

Lots of time for laying on the floor with my baby boy!

I get lots of help every day, but Christmas-jammied help is the best kind.

Finally got Aunt Amy on the Hunger Games bandwagon.  She's hooked!

And Uncle Clark is just hooked on his little boy.

Find Della...

Just being real here.
We're not always smiling.

Just most of the time.

Please pretend you don't see the feet.
My dad and brother have seriously ugly feet.

Sometimes, Santa needs to do some of his assembling during the day.
Sometimes, boys get to play a new computer game.

Nico is in love with his new "house."

His brothers are in love with Darth Maul.
And legos.

And new bikes!
Cam's already had one pretty impressive crash.
Impressive as in, that barrier used to be upright.  And in one piece...
We're glad Cam's in one piece - and that he got right up and back on.
Oh, and he won the race...

Black magic with Poppy and the uncles.

We're getting ready for Pinewood Derby time!

One little boy has a few years to wait.

See you next time, and here's to hoping it'll be better than a dump!

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