Friday, August 24, 2012

The Lake

Legend has it that when Indians destroyed settlements along the New River, a woman and her child were kidnapped.  They eventually escaped and wandered through the wilderness eating nothing but berries.  Molly, the mother, collapsed, and her child wandered along a creek.  When the child was found, the only words he could say were "hungry mother."  The search party did find Molly, but too late to save her life.

They named the mountain Molly's Knob.
Later, the area was preserved and became a state park. Hungry Mother.

Such a tragic story.
Thank you Molly.  We really love your park.
Molly's Knob is a great hike.
And Hungry Mother Lake is pretty much perfect.

See, there's a high dive.

And sand.  And cute babies.

Lots of space for throwing children.
This may be the last year of that for a while.  Until Nico get's big enough.
His brothers and cousins are getting harder to launch!

 I have a picture exactly like this one from every single year of family reunions.
Since he was two.  That was twelve years ago.
This boy loves his drip sand castles!

Oh, and my boy's a stud.
But he still needs his mommy when he gets tackled a little too hard.
Thank goodness.

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