Friday, June 15, 2012


Am I the only person who starts to sing that "Aquarius" song whenever I think about going to the aquarium?  Please, don't answer that.

We LOVE to go to aquariums.  Seriously, LOVE.  Everywhere we've lived, we've found the aquarium.  In Cape Cod we went to the tiny little NOAA aquarium every time Dan's boat came in to port.  We made fast friends with the eel fish.  In Seattle we sprung for the (pricey) family membership to their aquarium so we could visit the octopus and hang out in a dome surrounded by sharks.  Baltimore, DC, you get the idea.  Lots of aquariums.

So it should come as no surprise that we sought out and found the Key West Aquarium pretty quick upon arriving.  Small, kinda junky-looking, and perfect.  We've spent many an hour watching crazy tropical fish, feeding sharks - yes, you read that right! - and stingrays, petting stingrays, and talking to turtles.  They even have aligators and an old, arthritic iguana.  It's our kind of place.

Now, I've found myself not blogging because I have too much to blog.  Makes sense, no?  I sit down to write about all the wonderful, exciting things we're doing down here in paradise, and I don't do it.  Because there are too many pictures to choose from.  See, I told you it makes sense!  So guess what?  Here are a bunch - by no means all - of our aquarium photos.  Unorganized, unedited.  Just figured it was time to get this stuff out there.

The Nuggets' favorite Key West attraction.

This boy likes the bright tropical fish best.

Jake's made friends with the stingrays.  They pop up to say hi whenever he walks by!

Cam loves the conchs.  He'll tell you anything you ever needed to know about these big ol' snails.

Ever stroked a stingray?  They're soft and smooth and slimy.  It's true.

Of course we dragged Uncle Clark to the aquarium.  Lucky guy's now touched a stingray and been licked by a conch.  I think he enjoyed it.

I will have one of these little fellas in my home someday.

Beautiful, but I won't have these.

We see angelfish in the ocean all the time.  They like to hang around the fishing boats.  I don't think they're all that smart...

Have a happy day!

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Belkycita said...

Oh my goodness the little one looks so edible :-) and his little cheeks....mmm perfect to munch on.

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