Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Growing up, I always knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.  Anytime I was asked that age-old, empowering question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" my answer was the same.  Honest.  Not once did I entertain any other job possibility.

I wanted to be a mom.

And now, I'm living proof that dreams really do come true.  I am a mom.

And you know what?  Being a mom is so much better than I even imagined it would be.  Not in the "my children are always clean and well-mannered and they gather around me each evening to sing songs and study the scriptures reverently" way.  Because my children are rarely clean - too busy for that - and while they put on a good show of manners in public, stop by our dinner table sometime for the real deal, and as for scripture study, well that's the perfect time for a wrestling match, don't you think?  But that's why it's perfect.  My children are perfect.  For me.

There's Jake.  He's good and kind and thoughtful.  He's hilarious and brilliant.  He's just about the best big brother there ever was.  He made me a mom.

There's Camden.  He's feisty and silly and loving.  He's athletic and logical.  He's the most compassionate person I know.  He made me grow.

There's Nico.  He's happy and cuddly and sweet.  He's calm and curious.  He lights up our home with love and joy.  He made me better.

I am so thankful for these amazing boys who have given me the chance to live my dreams.  I'm a mom.  And I'm proof that dreams really do come true.

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Belkycita said...

you are very deserving of your dreams!
They are such handsome cute boys that will grow to be amazing men.

Such a lucky girl you are :-) and wonderful Mom.

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