Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Have you ever in your life seen a cuter kid?
I didn't think so.
Me neither.

This is Nico's "this is way too cool" face.

The face he makes when he's looking at parrots.

Nico loves parrots.

And, apparently, parrots love Nico.

But some parrots don't so much like their pictures taken.

Two notes:
1. The parrots are not native to or wild in Key West.  They belong to a very nice lady who rescues them from people who think it would be neat to own a parrot.  Illegally.  She takes them in and loves them at least as much as I love my children.

2. I know you're all coming here to see beach pictures.  And we have them - boy, do we have them.  Except remember when I mentioned that my computer died?  And now I have to use Dan's work laptop?  Well, the dumb computer can't seem to read the camera I've been taking to the beach, the pool, etc.  Seeing as how I've already dropped it in the sand while trying to stop a certain five-month-old from eating a fistful of sand, I'm thinking the good camera will continue to stay home.  And I'll continue to bug Dan about my computer woes.  All this to say, yes, we do go to the beach - often.  And I'll try to share the proof.  But don't hold your breath.

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