Monday, March 12, 2012


While in Key West, we'll be living in two different houses.  The first - or, the current - house is in a golf course community.  Now, I want you to think about who might live in a gated golf course community with tiny duplex homes in Key West in the winter.  Any ideas?  That's right, we live with the snowbirds.

We do, however, have several neighbors under the age of eighty.  And like most things in Key West they are, I guess you would say, colorful.

Just keep alert.  That is one sticky web!

Thank goodness for google.  The spiny-backed orb-weaver is harmless, beneficial, and does not want to come in the house.  Phew!

1 comment:

M. said...

Ha, Ha. When I first saw the thumb nail of your pic, I thought it was a kite!

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