Monday, January 9, 2012


Before Nick was born, just about everybody I met assumed I was desperately hoping for a little girl.  I wasn't.  Don't get me wrong, a baby girl would have been wonderful.  But honestly, I really wanted another boy.

When Nick was born, I was the first to see that my baby was, indeed, a boy. The poor doctor never got to announce the exciting news, because I was already yelling, "It's a boy!  It's a boy!"  I was just a little bit excited.

And now, as I go about my days with not one, not two, but three boys, I meet plenty of people who ask me if I'm going to try again for "my girl." 

Now you tell me, if you got to spend your time with a bunch of men as handsome and sweet as the men I spend my time with, would you be trying for a girl?  I didn't think so.

Of course, if I ever get to have a girl I'll be thrilled, and I'm sure she will be spoiled rotten by her daddy and brothers.  But, if I were to have 25 more boys like these ones, I'd count myself one lucky mama.

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Laura Oler said...

Fabulous picture! Your boys are awesome. I come from a family of all girls, and I always loved that my dad never said he wished he had a boy. Not once. He always talked about how awesome his girls were, and joked about how this way none of us would be stuck with Johnson forever (such a common last name).

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