Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Egg 2011 - Part Two

After the hunt, we like to throw those eggs at each other.
It can get pretty competitive.

Some people even try to cheat.

And some people notice.

When cheaters are caught, they get boo-ed.
And they have to get a new egg.

Finally, the tossing begins.

And as we step farther and farther from each other, eggs begin to drop.
Broken egg?  You're out!

But if you're willing to sacrifice yourself for the sport...

You're egg will survive.

And you just might win the backyard toss!!!

Of course, the real winners of the day are the ones who can toss the egg over the house.
Without breaking it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg 2011 - Part One

The annual EGG-stravaganza makes us all pretty happy.

Game faces on, we race to find the hidden eggs.

Sometimes we're more successful than others.

And sometimes we all spot them at the same time.

Once the kids have found all the eggs, they do the hiding.
They hide very well.

And they think they're so clever.

The grown-up hunt can get pretty brutal.
(And we wonder where the kids get it.)

Some of us find more eggs than others.
And don't hesitate to rub it in.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love What I Do

We're calling it an investment, but it feels more like a new toy.
I'm so excited to get out and do some shoots with this baby!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outside the Box

My children have always been good "outside the box" thinkers.  For Jake, this usually takes the form of creating - alien languages, whole worlds, his own yu-gi-oh cards.  For Camden, it's usually in the form of "pushing the limits."

The other day, as I was happily going about my business of feeding hungry teachers (conference night, PTO, you get the idea), I was grabbed by one of Camden's favorite people in the whole wide world.  His kindergarten para.  And thank goodness she feels about him just as he feels about her.  Because she told me this little tidbit, with a big ol' laugh (instead of concern and a warning):

Camden's first grade class was discussing what jobs people have that require them to wear hats.  After several kids' answers of "police man," "builder," and "pilot," Camden chimed in.  "Robber!"  Yep, that's my boy.

The next day, that boy went to another level entirely.  On a paper requiring him to write down people beginning with the letters in the word "think," Camden was most excited about his choices for "T" and "H."  Camden's choices: "terrorist" and "Hades."  Like I said, that's my boy.

We're waiting for the call from the principal.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Derby

Jake's first Pinewood Derby was Saturday, and boy was it a success!  No, he didn't win.  In fact, he came in last in every heat - that's coming in last 18 times.  But that smile there?  It's real.  And it's real happy.  Because the boy won first place in the "Most Original" category.  And for Jake, there is no better prize.

Jackson City Bus, 2011 model - Designed, sanded, painted, and raced by Jake.  Hacksawed by Mom.

PS. Dan's getting power tools for Father's Day.  There will be no more hacksawing of Pinewood Derby cars for this mommy.  Just saying.
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