Friday, July 22, 2011

Highlights, Part 3

Next, we bring you...

Jedi Training Academy

The boys were accepted (we raced to sign them up first thing in the morning) into the prestigious Jedi Training Academy, where they were taught the ways of the force, how to handle a light saber, and finally, the correct light saber battle moves to defeat Darth Vader.

He even showed up.
And all the dads - especially ours - were very excited.

"The force is strong in this one."
Vader really said that about Camden.
He was right.
Just check out that jump at the end - had to use the force for that one!

"I've been waiting for you."
Yep, he really said that to Jake.
A comment like that from Vader would have made me awfully nervous.
But Jake just took it in stride.
'Ol Darth couldn't get under his skin.

My boys have some serious Jedi skills.
And the diplomas to prove it.

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