Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guess Where We Went

We went on vacation.
Can you guess where?

It was pretty far away,

...but it wasn't New York.

Or San Fransisco.

We didn't go to Mexico,

...or on an under-sea adventure.

We weren't on an African safari,

...or in a galaxy far, far away.

Need another hint?

We spent some time with Indie,

...and Captain Jack Sparrow signed our swords.

We were accepted into the Jedi Training Academy,

...and went below ground to get a taste of a bug's life.

Still not sure?
One last hint...

We went to a place so magical, we didn't even mind getting totally soaked in a torrential downpour.

Because we did it all with old friends.

That's right!
We went to Disney World!

And it was wonderful.

1 comment:

Belkycita said...

How FUN!!!!

I can't wait for the girls to get a little more daring because David's idea is to ride the scariest things you can find.

More pictures?!!

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