Friday, June 17, 2011


My boy is Seven.
Have I ever mentioned just how much I love Seven.  Best age ever.  I promise.
This is going to be a good year.

And now, without further ado, I present to you Seven of my favorite things about Camden...

1. Camden gives the best hugs.  He wraps those (not so) little arms - and legs - around you and you know you're getting a good hug.  Mmmm.  I could use one right now!

2. Camden is an athlete.  Give him a ball, a bat, a hoop, a pool...  The boy can do it.  He pushes himself hard, always wanting to do his very best.  He is so fun to watch!

3. Camden has a great sense of humor.  He can laugh at himself and can even carry on a joke started by others.  That little giggle of his is probably one of the cutest things you'll ever hear.

4. Camden is generous.  He loves to give gifts to his friends and family and takes great delight in their happiness.  He uses his own money to get gifts for friends' birthdays and will spend a long time picking out just the right thing.

5. Camden loves to clean his room.  (As his mom, I really appreciate this!)  He loves things to be neat and organized and once started will work until that room is spotless.

6. Camden is excited about learning.  He loves to show us his schoolwork when he brings it home and tells us all about all the books he reads.  He always does his best and is learning so much so fast!

7. Camden wants to live with his mommy forever.  He tells me he's going to marry a nice lady who will like me and they will live with me.  Sounds like the perfect plan to this mama!  (I'll soak it up while I can, because I'm thinking in a few years this plan may change a bit...)

My list could easily go well over Seven.  I could talk about the cutest freckled nose in the whole entire world.  Or his (usually) calm nature and quiet little voice.  Or how he runs to hug me when I pick him up at school.  Or...

But I'll wrap it up.  Because I've got a lunch date with one absolutely perfect Seven-year-old and 17 other first-gators.   We're having cupcakes.  With sprinkles.  Yum!

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