Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Week

In one week...

Camden and I joined the rest of the first-gators on a field trip to Ferry Farm and Kenmore.
Fun day!

Jake presented his research project - on hyenas - at the county-wide Focus Festival.
His Focus teacher is just about the most loving woman ever.

Jake and I joined the rest of the second-gators on a field trip to the Natural History Museum.
We got to watch a film with a gorilla.

Camden performed in class musical, "How Does Your Garden Grow?"
He was a weed.  A very cute weed.

The boys played three games and celebrated the end of an awesome baseball season.
Just in time for swim to start up.

Add in two photo shoots , lots of gardening, and a day in the ER and you've got an idea of what life's really like 'round these parts!

1 comment:

Belkycita said...

You got two of the cutest kids ever!!
I do miss your smile though, someone needs to take your camera for a second and shoot a pic of you :-)

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