Thursday, March 24, 2011


Jake may simply be trying to smile into the sun, but his face sure does look like I feel right about now.
And no, it's not snowing in VA.  Old picture.

Jake is eight-years-old.  He's in second grade.  He's smart, funny, and a really good boy.  And he's doing great.

His mommy is thirty-years-old.  She's got a college degree.  And, although she'd like to think she's also smart, funny, and a really good girl, she's not doing so great.  She's overwhelmed.

I'm overwhelmed.  By second grade.

There's homework every day.  There's a project every month.  There's Focus (we used to call it GT, but I think that's politically incorrect now) with a big research project.  There's cub scout badge requirements.  There's a block of wood sitting on my counter that needs to become a Pinewood Derby car.  There's baseball practice.  There's bedtime.

Did I mention the child is eight and at some point needs to run and play, preferably outside?

And all I can think, as I make my lists of due dates, is "If this is elementary school, what is high school going to do to me?"


Elise said...

I hear you, Jen! To combat the craziness we cut back on extracurricular activities this year, then discovered as the months passed that sports are indispensible in maintaining overall balance. How does a mom win???

Laura Oler said...

I totally relate. And I've only got 2 kids in school, only 2 in soccer and violin, but soon it will be 4. And in the summer, Katia turns 8 and sarts activity days. I do wonder when my kids are supposed to play, too. I keep cutting things out (even chores have been cut, which doesn't seem right). If you get any insights let me know!

Susan said...

I'm leaning more and more toward home school. You and the boys need time with each other, and you are the best teacher they will ever have. the end.

Belkycita said...

Same here!
We also cut back but then, we needed it all you know. So it is hard to find the balance.
I also thought about Home schooling but in our case, the international school here is amazing and a great opportunity for the girls.

Balance my dear is a hard thing to accomplish.. you should know, you're a ballerina ;-)

ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

overwhelmed... lists of DUE DATES... halloween baby names... nuggyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?!?!?!!?

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