Sunday, March 6, 2011


So, in case you hadn't noticed, my blogging has been pretty spotty lately.  Lest you get concerned, don't.  My children are just as crazy/cute/funny/naughty/(your choice of adjective here) as ever.  I've just not been feeling the blogging bug.  Since I really do enjoy blogging, and plan to continue for as long as you'll read (or longer, since I'm not sure you're reading as it is), I figure it's time to give myself a nice swift kick in the pants.  There's this little thirty-day challenge going around on facebook.  Seen it?  If you haven't, no worries.  I'll walk you through it as I try it out.  But not on facebook.  Right here on The Nugget.  So here we go...

DAY 1: A picture of you and 15 facts.

1. I have way too many gray hairs for any one 30-year-old. Actually, they are all pure white. I can thank my Bubby for my prematurely white hair. Thanks, Bubby.

2. I make the best chocolate chip cookies. Ask anybody. Oh, and I just ate three.

3. Once I read a harlequin romance novel (there were about a thousand of them on the shelves in my room in a beach rental). I read my favorite part over and over. It was the part describing a farmhouse kitchen. The rest of the book was pretty dumb.

4. I have very little (no) patience with complaining. For some reason, my children still don’t get this.

5. I didn’t know how to get home from my high school until I was half-way through my junior year. Luckily, I had good friends who took care of me.

6. For one month every year, I actually like my pink counter tops. That month is February, which is now over.

7. Once in college, I woke up late and raced, in my pajamas, across campus and into class. The room was dark and empty, so I went back to the dorm. It wasn’t until I got there that I realized it was 3:00 am. No, the dark, silent campus never clued me in.

8. I’m wearing a fur coat in all my wedding photos. And Dan’s ears are bright red.

9. My handwriting changes every time I pick up a pen, and sometimes in the middle of a word. I’d love to see a handwriting analyst try to figure me out.

10. I want chickens and bees. My neighbors, on the other hand, may not like that idea as much as I do.

11. I grew up thinking I was terrible at Scrabble. Then I played somebody who wasn’t a member of my family. And I realized that my family is cutthroat. And I’m not terrible at Scrabble. But now I like Bananagrams better.

12. I like just about everybody. Really, it’s true. Except for people who smoke around children. Them, I don’t like. At all.

13. I have the world’s most incredible memory. I remember everything. Including that one day at recess in sixth grade when a bunch of us girls were sitting on the parallel bars and Lauren said her sister wore brown eye shadow and we were all like, “ewww! brown!” and then Ms. Dagata said she wore brown eye shadow and that was when we all realized brown was the best color for eye shadow. Yeah, stuff like that.

14. My first celebrity crush was Christian Bale. Not “Batman” Christian Bale, “Jack Kelly” Christian Bale. These little girls who love him now don’t know the half of it. They don’t even know he can sing, dance, and lead a newsboy strike.

15. I fell asleep on the beach in LA and woke up to a guy taking pictures of me. I think he was more impressed by the spectacular sunburn I was sporting on my eyelids than by my stunning figure.


Belkycita said...

I am so confused but we should share weird childhood memories, I remember things like that!

oh and my confusion comes because I can't pay too much attention to the post. I just stare at the header :-)

Susan said...

I love you Jennifer! Not sure about the bees, though.

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