Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wrong Turn?

A couple weeks ago (it was a Thursday), we all piled in the car to drop the boys off at school. But Daddy took a wrong turn and got lost! By the time we "realized" the problem, it was too late to get to school on time... so we decided to just continue on our drive. A few hours later, we arrived at Jamestown. We figured that was as good a place as any to spend a hookie-day.

The boys thought this was the greatest day of their lives.

My boys studied nautical navigation. They learned all about reading a compass and charting their direction and speed - early 17th century style. I spent my time on the ships deciding that I would have stayed in England. It may have been stinky and crowded there, but it was way stinkier and more crowded on those tiny little boats!

Once we arrived at James Fort, we geared yp for guard duty...

...and checked out the "cannon holes." (What do you call those things?)

Finally, we were put to work building a canoe. This was, by far, Camden's favorite activity of the entire day. Jake and Dan much prefered the musket demonstration, and went back to watch it again while Cam and I remained at the canoe site. For a long time. Then it was off to a cabin to sweep the floor. Cam stayed there a long time, too. Yes, he is a little odd. But those colonists would have loved his work ethic!

The next day (Yep, that's right. We played hookie two days in a row!) at Yorktown, we had another navigation and map reading lesson. This time we learned about troop movements.

Jake really likes troop movements.

And Camden really likes turkeys.

By the way, if you've ever met our Mayo, then you already know what this wierdo turkey was like. Could have been Mayo's long-lost twin.

We had a blast learning about our country's earliest beginings. Good thing Daddy missed that turn. And Mommy just happened to have clothes and toothbrushes packed in the back of the car... :)


ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

what a fabulous idea!!! so fun!!!

The Bennett Family said...

So glad that you were all able to have some fun playing Hookie with the boys. BTW I also got one of those nasty letters from the school. Seriously!

Susan said...

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD. BAR NONE. And you really do need to home school those guys. You are perfect for it, and they are SO into it! I love you so much!

The Person Family said...

That's awesome! Those will be the things you all remember most. :)

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