Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Swimmin'

Summer swimmin' had us a blast;
Summer swimmin' went by so fast.
I had two boys, crazy for laps;
I had two boys, never took naps.
Summer days practicin' away;
To uh-oh those summer night meets!

They swam by me, never got cramps;
They swam daily, kept their suits damp.
They're great swimmers, not gonna drown;
They show off, splashing around.
Summer sun, pool's lots of fun;
But uh-oh those summer night meets!

It's not yet colder, but here's where it ends;
So I told them, we'd still be friends.
Then we made our coach a vow;
Next year she's gonna say wow.
Summer dreams, all 'bout the team;
But uh-oh those summer night meets!

This summer was Jake's first time on the swim team and he LOVED every minute of it! We're so proud of all his hard work! He practiced hard, learned a lot, and can beat me in a race any day of the week!

Camden continued lessons this year, in preparation for his team debut next summer. After a rough start last year (he repeated the same level through all four sessions of summer swim), he blew us all away with his determination and progress this year.

Way to go Wahoos!

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