Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess What!

All of my family is on US soil!

My dad and my brother both arrived safely back in the US today!

For the first time in almost two years,
all my men are here in the good ol' US of A!

At the same time!

And I'm pretty happy about it!


Belkycita said...

That must feel really awesome!
We're happy for you and all your fam :-)

The Bennett Family said...

That is really wonderful! There is nothing like knowing all your family is safe. Your family gives incredible service to our country. Thank you and please send our thanks to them!!

Susan said...

Dang, we're a pretty cute family, aren't we? I love you all SO MUCH!

Kori said...

I love the greenery... but oh, man. I read a few of those quotes and couldn't stop until I finished them. It was JUST what I needed tonight. I can't wait to hear what they're going to say next!

The Person Family said...

So glad they're all home safe! Awesome to have them all together. :)

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