Friday, August 6, 2010

Before Dinner

You may wonder, now that you know what we do after dinner, just what we occupy ourselves with before the family meal. (I realize the thought never crossed your mind, but humor me, kay? Thanks.)

Well, once the beach closes and the lifeguard forces us out of the water, we send our children to the playground and hit the volleyball court until dinnertime. (I love only making dinner one night a week - think I can arrange that at home?)

Not too long ago, about half of our volleyball players were pretty much in the way. Now, they're big and really good and Old Aunt Jen has to stay out of their way! When did these cute little kiddos grow up?

Oh, and by the way... Dan says I'm pretty good. But he's my husband and I cook his dinner, so he has to say nice things to me every once in a while.

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