Monday, July 12, 2010

This Man

This man rebuilt this 1967 Mustang.
It actually runs and everything.

This man teaches science in a small-town high school.
His students even like him.

This man still finishes his PT runs before the 20-somethings he runs with.
Did I mention he's 55?

This man spent summers in his youth working at a carnival
and sleeping under the trucks.
He lived to tell about it.

This man plays guitar and sings oldies and classic rock.
Even when he can't remember the words.

This man has served in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

This man knows his children can do anything.
Even if they don't.

This man is my dad.
I'm a pretty lucky girl.


Erica said...

It blows my mind that my dad is the same age as yours. Not that you're old... but you do have two kids. That's pretty cool. I love dads

Laura Oler said...

Now I know where you get all your coolness -- great post on your dad!

Susan said...

We love you sweetheart - great post on Della. Can't wait to hug you guys soon!

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