Monday, March 1, 2010

Tears, Hotdogs, and Mud: A Basketball Story

Dan and I went to George Mason University. While I was never a huge fan of the school, I have to admit I had great professors. And we loved some of the perks. Such as free tickets to the Concert Hall (we saw so many incredible performances that, on our poor college student budget, we never could have afforded). And free tickets to sporting events. Our favorites were the basketball games. I will forever be a fan of GMU basketball.

Now, fast forward seven years (am I really that old?), and you'll find us paying to take our children to at least one game a year. When they were tiny they cried because of the noise. Then they got a little bigger and thought climbing up and down the stands was a good idea (those years were rough on my nerves). But this year... this year was awesome! Dan and I got to watch the whole game. And even more exciting, both boys followed every play, understood the game, cheered and had a blast!

Some thoughts on the experience:

*You know you're getting old when, not only do you think the graduating (college) seniors look like babies, but you tear up when they walk their mom's out onto the court.

*My boys can eat their weight in hotdogs and nachos. I guess the days of sneaking in pbj's and apple slices are over.

*Our ultra-competitive Camden cried when the Patriots lost. It was a tough loss, I have to admit.

*There's nothing like a body of water and a lot of mud to make a sad little boy feel better. We scared away the ever-present geese, stabbed things with sticks, and only lost one shoe.

*They may have struggled a bit this season, but some of those freshman boys are seriously good. I have high hopes for the coming years!


AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

i loooove you guys!! its so fun to follow your lives on here, you do such an amazing job at sharing and expressing all the details, lovin' it nug!!! :) i laughed out liud at the sneaking in of pbnj's n apples, ha ha ha thats so exactly how it is... lolol

Susan said...

One of the funniest parts was that she had to bring the pbj's and apple slices home! A good time was had by all - even Bob!

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