Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Flag

This is our official Family Flag, a commissioned work designed and created by the artist duo Jake and Camden.

We really like our flag. The straight-forward and understandable oars and family portrait represent our family well. But let me share my personal favorite parts of this great work of art.

1. The whine-bubble above Mayonnaise.

2. My beautiful, long hair and Dan's fat belly. (He does not, in any way shape or form have a fat belly. But Cam thought it added something to the picture.)

3. The addition of not only our house, but Camden's best buddy's house as well. And Dan's car.

4. The CTR shields in each corner (one of which turned out more like a heart) that, if you look close enough actually say "CAT." Cam is learning to spell.

5. The balloon stand on the top right, complete with balloon seller, American flag, and log to hold the balloons down. There are very fancy balloons, too, including a cat-in-the-hat hat, hearts and shields, Snake Eyes (from GI Joe), and...

6. "That girl from Transformers." That's right folks, our family flag features Megan Fox.


The Bennett Family said...

I love that your flag has Megan Fox in it!! That really completes the family experience. What a great job the boys did of encompassing your family. It is beautiful!

Susan said...

All I'm saying is what about Taylor Swift? Has Jake changed allegiance?

Best family flag I ever saw!

Actually, can I commission them to do an Alexander Family Flag? I might even be persuaded to pay for it if it is in color!

The Person Family said...

That's awesome, Jen! Love it! :)

Kori said...

Wow, and Megan Fox to boot, eh? You're making me real scared to raise my boy! ;)

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